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Why Underfloor Heating? - The Five Cost Factors


Five factors that should be considered when comparing the cost of underfloor heating with conventional radiator heating.


UFH is quicker to install and overall time on site can be cut by over a week as UFH is often a first-fix item. On completion snagging costs and post completion warranty costs are also lower.


A saving of 10%-25% can be achieved with the use of UFH and even greater percentages on atrium type buildings. Not surprising as radiators are often situated under windows. In addition UFH uses much cooler water so condensing boilers operate at their most efficient mode and losses from pipes are also lower.


No wall-mounted heaters to clean and re-paint and UFH pipe has a much longer design life than radiators of over 50years. Especially in rented properties cleaning and re-decoration costs are greatly reduced.


Regulations arising out of the Kyoto Treaty (reduction by 5.2% of Greenhouse gases mainly Carbon Dioxide) lean towards low temperature heating such as UFH and these changes effect property values. When equipped with UFH houses sell more quickly and at higher prices than the equivalent houses with radiators.


The high water temperatures required by radiators can only be achieved by burning gas or oil which will not be readily available or affordable for ever. With UFH the lower water temperatures required can be achieved by using solar panels or heat pumps so making UFH the ideal choice for heating now and well into the future.


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