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Floating Floor Systems



This increasingly popular type of floor can be laid onto any existing base and is an alternative to a screeded floor. The floating floor reduces the weight of the building structure, provides a better insulation against sound and gives a softer floor effect when compared to screeded floor. For more information on Floating Floors please View Fact Sheet

The Pre-grooved polystyrene panels are cut as necessary and laid butt-jointed onto the base to cover the entire floor area. Heat emission plates are pressed into the pre-formed grooves in the polystyrene panels spaced at 300mm centres. The pipe is then walked into the plates.

Heat Output:

The maximum heat output of a floating floor system is 70w/m² This output should be checked against the heat losses of the building given by the Architect and/or consulting engineer. This is particularly important in refurbishments and rooms with large glazed areas and/or high ceilings.

Floating Floor Panel:

Dimenstions: 1200mm x 1200mm
Tickness: 30mm, 50mm & 70mm




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