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Why Underfloor Heating? - HOW UFH WORKS


Heating systems warm people in two ways, radiated heat and convected heat. Experience shows that radiated heat always feels more comfortable.

Panel radiators work primarily by creating convected currents of hot air but generate only a small proportion of radiated heat, UFH emits more heat by radiation than by convection, making the room feel more comfortable.


This graph illustrate the temperature profiles or effectiveness of three different heating systems. UFH, Radiators and Warm Air.

The left-hand profile shows the ‘ideal’ case.This ideal situation occurs when a consistently comfortable indoor climate is produced throughout a room space, without major temperature fluctuations. Radiators provide its greatest amount of heat close to the panel surface. This rapidly drops off at any distance from the heat source, with the air temperature rising at the ceiling. UFH systems heat through the floor. The temperature therefore is always highest at floor level acting as a radiant heat source without hot or cold areas.

This ensures occupants feel more comfortable and alert, with cool heads and warm feet. Notice how close the UFH profile is to the ‘ideal’ case. You will also notice how much more temperature variation there is with the other two systems.

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