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Wirsbo-pePEX® Pipe

Wirsbo-pePEX is a further development of Wirsbo-PEX pipe with an oxygen diffusion barrier of PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol). The PVOH layer is glued to the Wirsbo-PEX pipe with a special adhesive polyethylene film. A mechanical protective layer of PEX is also applied to the outside of the diffusion barrier.

Wirsbo-pePEX denotes Wirsbo-PEX pipes with oxygen diffusion barriers of PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol). In heating systems, oxygen molecules can diffuse (migrate) through the wall of the pipe and oxygenate the water. Wirsbo-pePEX pipes are, therefore, provided with diffusion barriers.

The Barrier

The barrier, which is applied to the outside of the Wirsbo-PEX pipe, consists of a PVOH film in the middle and a polyethylene film on each side. Between the films is a very thin layer of glue. Polyethylene films provide good adhesion to the Wirsbo-PEX pipe and the protective layer of PEX, which is applied to the outside of the diffusion barrier. The total thickness is 0,3 mm. The Wirsbo-pePEX pipe is oxygen-diffusion tight in accordance with DIN 4726.

UFH Rads

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Quality and Reassurance

Wirsbo pipes and systems have full accreditation and certification from all relevant testing and approval bodies, including the British Board of Agrément and the Water Research Council. The manufacture of all Wirsbo products is controlled to the strictest international quality regulations, including ISO 9001.

The Wirsbo factory in Sweden also has an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001. In addition to approval by both British Gas and the Scottish Office, Wirsbo pipes are backed by a 25 year warranty from the Uponor Group..


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