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Why Underfloor Heating? - Reasons Why

UFH today is CLEAN because there is no heat staining of walls or ceilings.

UFH is GREEN because non-toxic materials are used without CFC’s.

COMFORTABLE because the whole floor surface acts as a radiant heat source.

UNOBTRUSIVE because the systems are contained within the flooring which allows for any changes in building use without moving or modifying the heating system.

QUIET because there is very little movement in the pipework so avoiding creaks.

SAFE because moisture at floor level is reduced avoiding the risk of slippery floors, plus the lack of any sharp edges, hot surfaces removes these potential hazards.

ENERGY EFFICIENT because using low temperature water reduces standing and transmission losses with energy emission solely at floor level. It also means a reduced boiler size.

MAINTENANCE FREE pipework because with no joints below floor level and a smooth internal pipe wall both leaks and scale build up are avoided.


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