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Uponor Controls

Uponor Wired Controls

Uponor's hard-wired control system, for multi-zone applications, incorporates a 230v/24v transformer housed within the Controller. This provides 24v power to the thermostats and actuators.

Three room thermostat options are available including two with max/min limitation of floor temperature with a floor sensor connected. A two channel remote timer can be connected to allow programming of times for automatic setback of room temperatures.

For further information, View Fact Sheet (PDF)

Uponor wired controls

Uponor Wireless Controls

Uponor's wireless control system, for multi-zone applications, means thermostats can be located almost anywhere within the room and easily relocated if necessary. The Radio Controller is a wiring centre and has an on board 230v/24v transformer for connection of 24v thermal actuators and Control Interface Unit.

12 wireless thermostats and 14 thermal actuators can be connected to each radio controller, while the Interface Unit can manage up to three controllers.

For further information, View Fact Sheet (PDF)

Uponor wireless controls

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